Palo Alto Adult Soccer League

Session Information: Summer 2017 starts on Sunday, June 4 and ends on Sunday, September 3.

REGISTRATION RULES: There are separate registrations for the A and B divisions. You may only register and play in one of the evening divisions.


  • Any player who registers for both A and B divisions will be deleted from both divisions. Make sure you choose carefully regarding your preferred level of play (A's: more competitive, B's: less competitive.)
  • There is no cross-ringing, except for goalies. Any player who is locked out of their preferred division and signs up for the other division thinking they will ring in their preferred division will be refused playing time. In the event we have insufficient registrations for one of the divisions, a single division of play will be created.

FEES: The registration fees are $85.00 for Palo Alto residents, $95.00 for non-residents

Creating an account with PAASL is mandatory to register for the session. Once setup, this account can be used for future registrations. SPORG data (our previous registration provider) could not be carried over, so personal data will have to be entered once, on first registration.

PAASL registration is entirely through Paypal. You will receive an automated e-mail confirmation after you register; if you do not receive confirmation within a day or two, you must contact us to verify your registration. You DO NOT have to register with paypal to pay with it, but it is recommended you do so. PAASL will not store any financial information on its servers, except for the amount paid to PAASL.

Regular registration: Registration for the Summer 2017 runs from Sunday, April 9 to Sunday, May 7.

Late registration: Please register early!

GROUP SIGNUP RULES: If you would like to play on a team together with one or two of your friends, you need to organize your group prior to registration. Decide on a unique code for your group, for example, a name and 4 digits such as John1234 (Please don't actually use 'John1234'!). Each player in your group must enter this Group Code in the online registration form, and the code will be used to help keep your group together. It is expected that at least one member of your group will volunteer to be team coordinator.

Palo Alto residency: To qualify as a Palo Alto resident, you are required to enter your PA Utilies account when registering.

PAASL allows a maximum of 3 players to register to play together. If more players register as part of your group, the group will be split arbitrarily.

Please organize your groups prior to registering - your volunteer registrars will no longer accommodate change requests and will no longer be calling group members of oversized groups to sort out who really wants to play with whom.

PLAYER PASSES AND UNIFORMS: Each player is required to have a player pass that shows your face, plus a "sticker" verifying registration in the current season. You can get a player pass - new or replacement - at any time (not just during registration periods) by sending a digital photo to the division specific pass address:
Evening League:
Men Sunday A league:
Men Sunday B league:
Women Sunday league:

New player passes and stickers are given to team coordinators at the beginning of each season. Lost passes and replacement passes are frequently left in the nets/flag box at JLS. Only currently registered players are permitted to play in league games and refereed pick-up games.

All players (except goalies) must wear official PAASL shirts. Shin guards are required and must be covered by soccer socks. Shorts and socks may be of any color. Shirts are available for purchase at the time of registration.

PAASL does NOT carry medical insurance. You are responsible for your own medical insurance.