Palo Alto Adult Soccer League

SESSION INFORMATION: Evening Session #50 for A, B, and now Women's' leagues will start Tuesday, January 2 and end Thursday, April 26 for a total of 17 weeks.

We are looking to increase the size of the Evening League. The more Palo Alto residents register, the more non-Palo Alto resident player slots open. So encourage any of your friends who are Palo Alto residents to register and PLAY PAASL!

REGISTRATION RULES: There are separate registrations all divisions. You may only register and play in one of the evening divisions. Any men's player who registers for both A and B divisions will be deleted from both divisions.
There is no cross-ringing, except for goalies. Any player who is locked out of their preferred division and signs up for the other division thinking they will ring in their preferred division will be refused playing time.

PAASL registration is entirely through Paypal. You will receive an automated e-mail confirmation after you register; if you do not receive confirmation within a day or two, you must contact us to verify your registration. PAASL will not store any financial information on its servers, except for the amount paid to PAASL.

At this time Priority registration is only open to Palo Alto residents.
To qualify as a Palo Alto resident a Palo Alto Utility account number is needed during registration. The City of Palo Alto is using city records to audit 100% of the player addresses supplied by field users for compliance. Registrations with invalid Palo Alto addresses will not be processed. Any NON-Palo Alto resident registering before Tuesday, November 28 when regular registration opens, will see his/her registration canceled. Fees will be refunded and cancellation fees may be charged!

Regular registration: Registration for all players in Evening Session #50 will begin Tuesday, November 28 at noon and will close when all player slots have been filled.

Late registration: Late registration will begin Saturday, December 2 at noon and is not guaranteed to happen if all player slots have been filled. All late registrants will incur an additional $30 late fee. Most late registrants will be placed on a team but this is not guaranteed. You may instead be placed on the waiting list and will be added to a team as needed. The earlier that you register, the better chance you have of being placed on a team. Any player not placed onto a team will have their fees, including any incurred late fees, refunded. If still open, late registration will close on Tuesday, December 5 at noon. Please register early!

GROUP SIGNUP RULES: PAASL's Evening Division is allowing groups of up to *FOUR* players to register to play together. If more players register as part of your group, the group will be split arbitrarily. You will need to organize your group prior to registration. Decide on a unique code for your group, for example, Barca60, MUC2006, PA Rapids. Each player in your group must enter this Group Code in the online registration form. Please organize your groups prior to registering - your volunteer registrars will not accommodate change requests and will not be calling group members of oversized groups to sort out who really wants to play with whom.

FEES: The registration fees are $170 for Palo Alto residents, $180 for non-residents.
Please note, fees per game have NOT increased from before ($130/13 weeks = $10/week, $170/17 weeks = $10/week) but rather are indicative of the longer playing session. Evening Session fees were last changed Evening Session 40 in July, 2015.

PLAYER PASSES AND UNIFORMS: Each player is required to have a player pass that shows your face, plus a "sticker" verifying registration in the current season and division. Each player past costs $5. You can get a player pass - new or replacement - at any time (not just during registration periods) by sending a digital photo to the division specific pass address:

Evening A League:
Evening B League:
Evening W League:

New player passes and stickers are given to team coordinators at the beginning of each season. Lost passes and replacement passes are frequently left in the the storage locker at Mayfield. Only currently registered players with valid stickers are permitted to play in league games.

All players (except goalies) must wear official PAASL shirts. These cost $25 and are available for purchase at the time of registration. Shin guards are required and must be covered by soccer socks. Shorts may be of any color.

PAASL does NOT carry medical insurance. You are responsible for your own medical insurance.