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Games for October 5 are ON

PAASL is a San Francisco Bay area soccer league for men and women ages 25 and over. The Sunday league has three seasons per year, one in the Spring (January to May), one in the Summer (June to August), and one in the Fall (Labor Day to December). Games are played on Sundays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. The primary location for league games is Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School (next to Mitchell Park) in Palo Alto. The Sunday league has 3 divisions: Men's A and B ("A" being more competitive) and a Women's division. Each Men's division is comprised of 10-18 teams, the Women's division 6-8.

PAASL also has a men's evening league, with a number of 7-12 week sessions throughout the year. The primary location for the evening league is the Mayfield complex (Page Mill & El Camino) in Palo Alto. The evening league maintains a majority of Palo Alto residents.

  • Players sign up for the league as individuals (see Administrivia for PAASL's policy on groups). Teams are put together from received applications about 2 to 3 weeks prior to the season's start. We attempt to balance teams with respect to positional preferences and produce teams of roughly equal ability.
  • In keeping with the "recreational league" philosophy, no standings are kept.
  • Fees per player are $50.00-110.00 per season

The City of Palo Alto is in the process of evolving rules and guidelines for City field brokering. In order to maintain our priority status as a non-profit adult organization and our current Sunday and Evening field permits, we must ensure that our PAASL teams are comprised of a minimum of 35% Palo Alto residents. PAASL will be adjusting our Palo Alto residency requirements beginning with Summer '13 registration to ensure conformance with the new guidelines.
  • Sunday registration eligibility may be adjusted in order to make sure we exceed our 35% minimum local resident bar. This means that some non-resident Sunday league registrants may not get placed on a team roster in order for PAASL to meet the Palo Alto residency guidelines.
  • Non-resident priority will be based on date of registration, with other potential adjustments across divisions (A/B/W). Hopefully, all non-residents who register during the "standard" Sunday league registration window will be placed on a team roster, but we cannot guarantee this. Non-residents who register "late" have an increased likelihood of not getting on a team roster. Recommendation: REGISTER EARLY.
  • Evening League registration will not change. Teams will be > 50% Palo Alto residents and the local resident registration window will open prior to the non-resident registration window.
  • From this point forward, Palo Alto residents are defined as registrants with a valid Palo Alto residential address and utility number. Palo Alto residents will continue to receive priority and reduced rate registration. In order to conform with City guidelines, Stanford and Los Altos Hills residents will register the same as other non-Palo Alto residents.
  • PAASL must ensure that only true Palo Alto residents register as such. Currently, a Palo Alto utility number is required to confirm local residency. In the future, a picture ID with a Palo Alto address may be required. Please do not consider cheating on this! PAASL will have zero tolerance for abuses, with penalties including, but not limited to, season long suspensions. PAASL urges you to help ensure your place by registering early! Also, please help PAASL by encouraging more Palo Alto residents to register to play PAASL. We are starting a modest local ad campaign to increase our outreach to local residents for this purpose.
PAASL understands that these changes may adversely affect some of our valued organization members. PAASL is concerned about these potential implications and has worked extensively with the City and local soccer community to maintain our field permit priority which is critical for our organization's success and sustainability.
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