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PAASL Player Pass

PAASL Player Pass

Your PAASL Player Pass AND session sticker identify you as registered players in PAASL. PAASL maintains a "No Pass, No Play" policy - you are required to present your player pass to the referee at game time check-in to be eligible to play. Session stickers are distributed by your team coordinator at the beginning of each session you are registered to play in.

To obtain a PAASL player pass, please 1) Upload your passport like photo to your PAASL "My Page" and 2) Indicate you need a player pass when you register or email a pass request to the appropriate division email below. The preferred format for pictures is "jpeg". The picture must be passport like of yourself. Any pictures deemed of insufficient quality or content will be rejected and may delay the creation of your pass, which may delay your ability to play games during a session. No refunds for missed games will be provided due to a lack of an appropriate Player Pass.

A-Division passes:
B-Division apsses:
W-Division passes:
Evening A passes:
Evening B passes:

Usually newly made player passes will be distributed by team coordinators at the beginning of the playing session, or will be placed in the storage locker at Mayfield Sports Complex.

Your player pass allows a referee to keep your pass in the unhappy event that you receive a RED CARD. You will be notified of your suspension length and any additional disciplinary decisions by PAASL pursuant to the Player Conduct Policy. Your pass will be returned to you once your suspension has been served.